Innovative software company in human health and industrial maintenance. Thanks to our novative recommendation and diagnostic software, humans are in good health and we help fix mission critical machines. Specialists in big data and case based reasoning (CBR), Kiolis develops machine learning software tools that give personalized advices to its users.


Founded in 2008 by entrepreneurs with more than 25 years of experience.


Corporate customers in the US, Germany and the UK


Coffee and tea are our closest allies.

Michel Manago


Alexandre Heissat

Chief Software Architect

Marine Piedoue

Artistic Director


MyCoachNutrition is a web site that encourages its users to eat balanced meals and exercise regularly. It has a positive impact on nutrition, cooking skills and physical activities through personalized coaching. This website was developed with the support of several healthcare professionals.

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In this project we will develop a decision support system - SELFBACK - to facilitate, improve and reinforce selfmanagement of non-specific low back pain. The decision support will be conveyed to the patient via a smartphone app in the form of advice for self-management. This advice will be tailored to each person based on the symptom state and a range of patient characteristics, including information from a physical activity-detecting wristband worn by the patient.

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MOCAS is a Case Based Reasoning (CBR) engine for big data that is used to develop decision support applications in various domains. CBR is an intuive technology for reasoning by analogy : « have I ever seen a similar problem before? If yes, how did I solve it?»

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